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Big K.R.I.T. - King (Pt. 2) Mp3 Ringtone Download

Big K.R.I.T. - King (Pt. 2) Mp3 Ringtone Download
[intro: big sant]
history remembers kings!
god bless you all!

[big krit]
i don’t mean to burden you. it’s just, umm, i had a conversation with a wise man. he asked me a question like, “how could you be in the position to say so much, but say so little,” so this is me saying a lot

[verse 1]
i was raised from the bible, bet i tighten that titan’s back
same game they claim that they killing, i’m breathing life in that
take heed, the people you lead when you reciting that
you will die for what you believe, so where’s your rifle at?
never was entertained or influenced by all the drama
hard to bury your partna, but harder to console her mama
that only want the best for her child

save a place for his soul lord, he ain’t been to church in a while
said that jesus can’t save him and ain’t no church in the wild
his anger fueled his ambition, i swear he forgot how to smile
“hustle hard, hustle hard,” that’s what he said
while counting up this bread that he fell for, now he dead
and they can’t bring him back

they locking up my people, shawty, racks on top of racks
public housing just too crowded god, shacks on top of shacks
most pastors misleading people that listen
when all us black folk have is music and religion
a sense of self-respect

lost in the need to express ourselves through money, drugs, and sex
i’m a product of the same, so i understand the checks
that says that she’ll be down to fall victim to her flesh
if i’m worth it she’ll undress

one night of slumber, harsh rains and violent thunders
as she leaves, “is she clean?” lord, i often wonder
see me and turn mice for results, the clinic humbles
plan b pill, god damn, your stomach rumbles

laugh it off, but she’ll keep it due to my numbers
so be it, i’ll oversee that he runs and never fumbles
if it’s a girl, i’ll give her the world and sunny summers
and show her how to scrap in case her nigga jump on her
protect them from the evils that tv often can feature

beware of predators in this jungle, they out to eat ya
we all kings and queens, don’t let no one else beseech ya
life can throw some gold, them leave you swole, don’t let it beat ya
don’t let them feed you that bullshit that they fed me
don’t follow the road i took, look where it led me

i speak my mind and my heart, i bet they dread me
in a world of give me what you got, i always said free-dom
you been starving your soul so long that you should eat sum’n
you concerned with your followers, then lead them
to a well that only you and yours drink from

i build my own, fuck your playbook
kingdom, that’s how i feel, i’m strong in faith
don’t need for you to say that god ain’t real
some things you just shouldn’t play with
my soul patient cause success ain’t ever save shit, face it
we all born to die, yea that’s basic

but living fast and dying young ain’t salvation
you keep on with that blasphemy and i’ll keep on with my praying
if you think that lambos hot in the summer, well hell’s blazing
my mind frame blown cause my brother says that i’m on
he bored at the crib while i’m wishing that i was home

said he die for the chance, and i reply to him he was wrong
told him he could do better than me then hung up the phone
the youth, will surely go to war for what you own

to them it’s more than real, but to you it’s just a song
but to you it’s just a song
but to us it’s just a song

i’m guilty of the same
besides, no one person is to blame
i promise i’ll change
i pray you do the same

Big K.R.I.T. King (Pt. 2) Mp3

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