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Chiddy Bang - By Your Side Mp3 Ringtone Download

Chiddy Bang - By Your Side Mp3 Ringtone Download
i’ll always be by your side
i’ll always be by your side

yeah, this right here is for all of the chicks right here
that knew how to sing my shit right here
the love that i’m sharing you have no idea
and they are too swelly, all seem ready
“when you ‘gon come to my town already?”
tell ‘em in no time, have to grow time
last year i had loans with a co-sign
honeys say, “chiddy you are out of yo mind”
once i get the green like it’s go time
and my outlook positive, pro time
but these niggas so soup like wontons
for the girls that be chillin’ all really
smoke a little bit, they be feelin’ all silly
bring ya tight shit, she a duchess
tell her bring dutches and she the one rollin’ on philly
she a pothead, buy her own trees she got bread
we happy and we single and we colored
but, bang bang bang like pop said
i could get that 2pac bread, not dead
but tellin’ them girls to keep their head up
know you got the nice ship, know you so fed-up
when i’m in your city i promise we might get up
so don’t trouble me, get two cars that’s double v’s
i’m in the hotel on the top floor
she come through and we’ll smoke double tree
love will see
she comes first, then i arrive
sunshine, this little light of mine
february 14th valentine
and chiddy always gon’ be by your side, by your side

i’ll always be by your side
i’ll always be by your side

uh, uh, she’s the leader of my fan club
so i show her damn love
it don’t really matter if she with you
she always gon’ show her man love
lovin’ how she dress so nicely
and the shit she rock oh so pricey
had to cut her man out cause he ain’t have swells
she sayin’ he was tryin’ to be like me
i said damn, damn, mini me’s
we deserve to get a emmy please
so let me roll up my vendi sleeves
while she roll up those cali trees
she got all my cheese, that’s chiddy merchandise
i gave her swelly shorts and she work ‘em right
head to the back, head to the clouds
although we keep it quiet, we blowin’ all out
home-style raps just to make my mom proud
please don’t turn me off, tell your friend we on now
we gone now, old school kickin’ in rolled chains
i tell her let me sign on
and then she tellin’ me “go daddy” and then i log on
the domain, so vain
she could come aboard this motherfuckin’ soul train
and i spit the new shit, then you gettin’ stupid
when you give me your whole brain, oh mayne
i oblige, shorty come through when i arrive
i give her the feeling like when you high and dry
and i’mma always be by your side, by your side

i’ll always be by your side
i’ll always be by your side

Chiddy Bang By Your Side Mp3

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