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Busta Rhymes - Can You Keep Up Mp3 Ringtone Download

Busta Rhymes - Can You Keep Up Mp3 Ringtone Download
[verse 1: twista and busta rhymes]
now it’s finna be some energy, we got the remedy
i’m in the vicinity of a nigga that can spit it with me
feel the fire whenever we act up
everyone else is incompatible with the artillery
so forget about it when you hear about it
cause it’s too fast when i pass the baton to busta
hit a victim in the middle of the body with a bullet and a rhythm
every murder is a structure
everytime i hit you niggers with another ? be blackin’
i be sounding like a nigger full of anger
now i’m back to beat you in the head, i’ll bring another banger
with my nigga twist, everything we do be up to wanger
you don’t really, really wanna see the way that i come
and i’ll give it to you, get up on the ceiling see a nigga numb
do it how i wanna do it ’till i make another nigga drop
i put my money on it, homie, i’m the one
go on here, pick it up, carry it the way you wanna carry it
do whatever you wanna do
show the competition how we gunning too when we coming through
better never let a nigga never get infront of you
i wanna be, i wanna pro, wanna get in
then racin’ so fast, they call me flash
don’t nobody really wanna
we can hit ‘em like a couple of millimeters
woopin’ a niggas’ ass
skibbedy boop, skibbedy bop, skibbedy beep
i’m skippin’ all over on another just blaze hit
now i know a lot of y’all been sitting, waiting and wondering
was we ever gonna do this shit
and then we came to hit ‘em with another flow
pop champagne, celebrate and kill another show
gotta campaign, the greatest niggas, y’all already know that
never do this kinda shit, twista, get ‘em, gotta go
now i gotta ask y’all

can you keep up?

[verse 2: twista and busta rhymes]
kill everybody cause i’m gunning outta stress
if i run outta breath, he gonna pick up where i left off
keep him with me when he spittin cause the flow be ?
i’m a menace when i bust a lyrical tac off
go faster than ricky bobby, kill him in talladega nights
niggas try to get up, when a nigga hit up
when it i come i promise you gotta pay the price
look, why don’t everybody wanna come and try get a little taste
of the shit i got, let me put it all up in your face
when i spit it i got a nigga wildin’ all over the place
everybody better listen here
cause you know when i bring him i will never, never stop
make a nigga rewind and bring it back to the top
throw the shit up in the streets and i be running every block
everybody better stand clear
like a millimeter when i be booking the track up
motivated for murder whenever i act up
a couple of phenomenal niggas can stack up
gets anybody that wanna live in the back up
killing everybody when i bust a clip off
cause i’mma be attacking them with the insane flow
then i be having them calling me twista phelps
and a nigga bust like usain bolt
shocked a nigga like i was a thousand volts
now i’m feelin on the beat the way i’m feelin on the boat
the way i gotta kill ‘em and the way i gotta flow
you don’t really wanna test me, boy, cause i’ll pop ya
when i’m in the spot you know you can’t leave
i spit every word ’till, damn i can’t breathe
you never heard ’till you nosebleed
twista, please
now you know i got ya
now i gotta ask y’all

can you keep up?

[outro: twista]
you can talk about it with a bunch of people
that say that i’m a lyrical manifestation of rhythm

when i do it its gotta be accurate
like i’m attacking the rhythm with such a vocal tenacity

i be coming with it, he be coming with it
and nobody really do it how we do it
and the flow is so fluid i gotta be an anomaly
gotta be an odyssey; the prodigy, and i’mma be the one to prove it

[hook 2x]
can you keep up?explain

Busta Rhymes Can You Keep Up Mp3

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