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Mac Miller - Definition Of Cool Mp3 Ringtone Download

Mac Miller - Definition Of Cool Mp3 Ringtone Download
[hook x2]
the definition of cool, thats me yo
ask ya girl about me, bet she know
i’m the future, you a fake bitch, cleo
all my bitches bad like it’s shaq shooting free throws

[mac miller - verse 1]
hey ayo, my first name mac, my last name miller
on beats i’m a monster, i’m iller than godzilla
yeah my skin vanilla, i’m hotter than chinchillas
hittin’ vegas for the night and cop a villa
get my lyrics from ill and my soul from j dilla
chillin’ with the sour cause some smoke will kill ya
i’m just me, tryna cover all these magazines
and bitches try to give me treats like its halloween
lil’ old school flavour when its jerm on the drums
? like it’s words from a gun
spittin’ flames so they burn in my tongue
bitches wanna f-ck but they heard that i’m young
and they still do, i’mma stick around call me mildew
go and stay in bel air like uncle phil do
get rich go and buy me a mansion
get my parents a nice crib up in the hampton’s


[diggy - verse 2]
shots at a general, ? like an inner tube
drinking on tigers blood, that’s what winners do
it seems as if you’d like to hang from my ?
whoa, pause, oh, gosh
it is i, the d to the i
with the two g’s like it’s gucci attire
why, don’t ask why, you’re so inquisitive
and these shoes i’m wearing are only limited
my bad, was that a bit much, a tad
didn’t mean to ?, that was low class
pardon my rudeness that was so crass
and i’m always making moves, cause i never procras-tinate
the number one spot is up for grabs – too late
what was that question you asked
what’s the definition of co-ol
if you haven’t gotten it by now, oh well


[mac miller]
you aint cooler than me, go get a job bitch
you aint cooler than me, go get a job bitch
you aint cooler than me, empty pockets
you aint cooler than, you ain’t, you ain’t cooler than me
little asshole got you so mad
make ‘em say ughhhhh

Mac Miller Definition Of Cool Mp3

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