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Ryan Leslie - 5 Minute Freshen Up Mp3 Ringtone Download

Ryan Leslie - 5 Minute Freshen Up Mp3 Ringtone Download
aw man
she hit you with that 5 minutes?
you know what that mean, right?
that mean you wasn't fresh enough
let me show you how to get on my level
follow me

[hook: x2]
she want that 5 minute freshen up
you tried to holla, homie, but you wasn't fresh enough
that's how i know i'm a professional
six 0's on the left side of a decimal

[verse 1:]
now look at me
i'm in that gold lamborghini drop
i'm rollin' these haters'll never see me stop
i'm dealin' in euros – i call that "kiwi guap"
exotic bills for my exotic wheels
exotic meals – i call that opulence
i'm talkin' wall street money you just an occupant
i'm in that 1 percent
over a hundred grand?
i don't trust a bank either – it's in a rubber band
somebody bring the rosé to the v-i-p
somebody tell the dj play some b-i-g
cause that's what i'm feelin' like
we gon' act the fool tonight
we gon' mess around and end up dipping' in the pool tonight
so who go stop us?
the a-team, b.a. baracus
she tweetin' a picture to put on lockerz
so turn around and shake it just like a pair of maracas


[verse 2:]
oh you a baller, homie – where your 0's at?
where your hoes at, where your designer clothes at?
(show me where they at!)
where your foreign cars?
you say your time is money, homie – where's your audemars?
30 grand for a show – that keep me independent
she into money, she ain't into you, she into spendin'
that mean she rollin' with whoever winnin'
on vacation in winter we rockin' summer linen
in that perfect weather, i'm talking 83
why they treat me like a boss is 'cause i paid to be
and i made the beat, i'm talkin' a to z
the fresh prince of new york, she my jada p
and when we movin' they snapping' pictures like jay & b
we on the internet hoppin' up out that amg
and it feel good – that's how i know i made it
overpaid at the same time as i'm underrated


[verse 3:]
i'm livin' good (good, good, good)
but don't get it confused
as a titan, i had to get used to bein' sued
don't believe everything you read in the fuckin' news
'cause these haters'll really prefer to see you lose
they cheerin' but really prefer to see you boo'd
that's why i don't give no comment in these interviews
i'm good – i just handle my business
credit score is amazin', homie, god as my witness
yeah – thou shall not test
you a make-believe monster, homie, you loch ness
and you missed the damn train, man, you got left
you ain't even in the game screamin' you got next
please – you got lawyers, homie?
i got lawyers too
i'm on a yacht – i let my lawyers do what lawyers do
and on top of my lawyers, i got a loyal crew
who roll with hammers and cameras that be recordin' you!


a one and six 0's says i'm a pro

Ryan Leslie 5 Minute Freshen Up Mp3

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