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Yelawolf - Can It Be (Freestyle) Mp3 Ringtone Download

Yelawolf - Can It Be (Freestyle) Mp3 Ringtone Download
yelawolf is only getting funky
yes mommy i am a foul coming there for me
hit the fame one soul than i sound junky
the soul cracker should hit rappers like …
it is overgrown but they couldn’t have my path for me
i am in the junky business see an ass .. coming
fuck it bitch .. with my hands in a mad .. like a mad mommy
leaf .. around the truck lash money .. to get the cash from me
treat everybody to the wall like a crash dummy
-.. to the last coming never seen so funny like i do rap honey
…i want it all i want to last something if there is something
something to be got i wanna eat the rats and the rats nothing
and if the … monkey i am a gorilla of the …that is hungry
hungry enough to eat a .. with glass when i am confi .. glass monkey
give it up like i have given my .. monkey or give it up .. cash
form one family values is a .. sunny when you are from alabama
even grandmas are looking for that fast money

i say hoody how you are doing up there
hello i am sorry is anybody fucking care
.. hang to my throat .. reach for .. i won’t believe it
if you say i don’t deserve it i am worth it
i work the deed .. reason to be a part of the deed
is a .. preacher seek i receive to go even if i win
with a mission like steven seagel .. should know when you see the eagle
like a baby driving the eagle .. the story cause i am not boring
.. purple rain on my roof leaky .. i am too strong
.. on an empty street and the night is too ..
how i have been to me is a ..
how you have been 3 3 3

Yelawolf Can It Be (Freestyle) Mp3

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